Crapshoot: The edutainment game that expects you to ‘learn English Or DIE!’

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. This week, there’s only one language some people understand—the language of fear. Welcome to the ESL course Frank Miller would approve of.


Fortnite Birthday quests: How to complete them all

Fortnite birthday quests are here, celebrating Fortnite’s 4th birthday and giving players a chance to earn new rewards. As is usually the case, Epic has added a new series of Fortnite Birthday Quests that will have you running around the map like a true party animal.


Best NVMe SSD for gaming in 2021

The best NVMe SSD will give you access to a whole world of lightning fast storage. Going from SATA to NVMe is like making the jump from an old hard drive to the first-gen SSDs. In short, it just makes your whole gaming PC feel more responsive. It’s that simple. Your games load quicker, Windows…


Crucial P5 Plus 1TB SSD review

Crucial has been surprisingly slack when it comes to rolling out high-performance NVMe solid-state drives. The new Crucial P5 Plus, tested here in 1TB configuration, does pretty much zero to change that. So it’s unlikely to bother the best SSD for gaming lists, but still, it does come at a tempting price point.


Swery’s The Good Life finally has a release date

[embedded content] After a delay earlier this year, Swery’s The Good Life finally has a release date. The new trailer above breaks the news, and shows off all the dog-peeing and cat-scratching antics you’ll get up to when The Good Life releases on October 15.


Crapshoot: One of the strangest Bible games ever, The Zoo Race

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random obscure games back into the light. This week, the animals may have gone into the ark two by two, hurrah, hurrah, but only one can be first past the finish line in this arcade racer.


Epic’s latest free games feature high-speed brawling and sci-fi cannibalism

Another pair of games is now free for the week on the Epic Games Store: The 2D combat-racer Speed Brawl, and Tharsis, a turn-based sci-fi strategy game with dice and cannibalism. That’s a compelling hook, so we’ll start there. Tharsis is about a manned mission to Mars, spurred by the detection of a mysterious signal,…


Fortnite exotic weapons: All season 8 locations

Exotic weapons in Fortnite are some of the best tools for winning a battle royale match. Their blend of punishing damage and unique functionality means you’ll inevitably have some advantage over opponents.


Do I need a Windows 10 key?

If you’ve just finished putting together a new gaming PC and are reading this, you probably forgot to grab a Windows 10 key. It’s understandable. We’ve all done it, getting carried away with picking the right graphics card (chance would be a fine thing), CPU, and SSD that you overlook the necessary operating system to…


This Week in PC Gaming: Deathloop, Aragami 2, and the Top 100

[embedded content] Welcome to This Week in PC Gaming, a show where we take a look at the new games, updates, events, and more coming at you over the next week, every week, until the end of PC games as we know it.