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If there’s one things Texans love, it’s the entire globe thinking that a state of 30 million-odd people is specifically occupied by cowboy boot-wearing, Tex Mex consuming, nation music-listening hillbillies. Certainly that’s not true: There’s Austin.Sorry, sorry, placed the six-shooters away. Aren’t Texans also renowned for their good manners and also sense of humour?Following the recent announcement of the heart of Russia expansion for European Vehicle Simulator, American Vehicle Simulator is heading to the Lone Celebrity State. As the second-largest United States state both by area and also population, there’s a substantial range of locations coming: “From the cities to the coastal beaches, hills, and desert, Texas is both geographically as well as culturally diverse,” states developer SCS.

(Picture credit score: SCS Software application) SCS has been broadening American Truck Simulator considering that its 2016 launch (the game’s’primary’map is California), with the Colorado development showing up in November and a Wyoming expansion upcoming, but Texas is going to be the most significant enhancement yet to the video game. Because of this, it’s nearly absolutely not coming this year.in an SCS post, which additionally includes some nice pictures of the 3 really proud-looking coders that were the major driving force behind the upgrade. The 1.4 upgrade does not have a launch date yet however is currently survive on the video games’ beta branches, so anticipate it to debut officially very soon.