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Another week of Fortnite Period 7 is here, and also we have actually obtained a brand-new set of challenges to assist us get those battle pass stars. Honestly, I believe this is among Fortnite’s best periods in a while, and it’s partly because of an interesting theme, and also subsequently some interesting challenges.This week, Epic desires us to construct a wood breeding ground in Fortnite. It’s not completely clear if this is for innocent chicken eggs or whatever eggs those peculiar aliens come in.Fortnite guides.Hatchery areas There are two places you can construct a wooden breeding ground in Fortnite.Wooden hatchery 1: You’ll discover one wood breeding ground on the island northeast of Stealthy Stronghold.

Try to find the little shack with a fire pit outside, near the Unremarkable Shack location. (Image debt: Epic Games)Wood breeding ground 2: An additional wooden hatchery is directly southern of Slurpy Swamp’s factory, near the coast. Search for the tiniest island in the swamp, which has an elevated shack on stilts.For your problem, you obtain a monstrous 45,000 XP, which need to assist considerably bump up your battle pass.