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Back on June 23, Valheim was covered with a tweak to beast AI.”We attempted to make monsters somewhat a lot more hostile as well as attack your structures and so on. When they are not able to assault you,” the devs at Iron Entrance Studios wrote.But that tweak went a little additional than anticipated, as gamers found fulings, graydwarfs, and also various other opponents basically running right past them as well as assaulting settlement walls rather than targeting gamers. Enemy raids on player bases can currently be a busy experience, as crowds generate and also start bashing your wall surfaces and defenses in order to get within and also kill you. However the tweak seemed to make the settlement walls the monsters’ primary concern– also when gamers were outside their bases and within assault array.

A small spot was launched today to re-tweak the AI and bring a little bit much more balance to the monster’s aggression. The patch includes “AI modifies (Monsters should constantly target animals [including players] If they have a clear path to them & & monsters should just assault low concern structures [ walls and so on.] if they are trying to reach a gamer).”

With any luck, post-patch, beasts will certainly once again take out their anger on you and not just on your beautiful fts– unless you’re concealing inside them.