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For all you Vikings toiling away at substantial terrain adjustment projects in Valheim, and experiencing fps troubles as a result, there’s a brand-new patch that might bring relief in even more methods than one. Valheim’s 0.150.3 patch, launched today, presents a brand-new surface adjustment system that is meant to minimize performance concerns:

” The brand-new terrain modification system is made to minimize the variety of network instances as well as make filling faster and also smoother,” Valheim’s devs posted today. “Technically it’s a quite huge change however with any luck you ought to not notice that much of a difference other than some minor behavior adjustments to the hoe and also pickaxe and obviously much smoother loading of locations with a lot of terrain alterations. All surface adjustments after this patch (using the hoe, pickaxe or farmer) will instantly use the brand-new adjustment system. “

programmer console.I ‘d be a little bit

skeptical regarding using the brand-new console command in your world, nevertheless. A lot of players have been reporting that it does not overwrite their landscape design job, and also some likewise state it improves their fps in changed areas, like around their bases where they have actually made considerable surface modifications. A few others, nevertheless, record that particular areas they have actually done extensive terraforming on have changed back to the map’s initial state when they used the brand-new console command, erasing a few of the excavating as well as shaping that had been done. Before trying out the command yourself, you may want to wait a little bit and maintain an eye on the subreddit to see exactly how other gamers are obtaining on with it.I gave it a shot in my globe, where I haven’t done an entire hell of a lot of landscape design. The console informs me it still made quite a great deal of modifications when switching to the brand-new system, though I really did not identify any kind of aesthetically and really did not see any kind of change in fps:

< source kind="image/webp" alt="Valheim spot" class="expanding lazy-image-van optional-image" onerror="if (this.src & & this.src.indexOf(' missing-image. svg ')

! = = -1) ; this.parentNode.replaceChild( window.missingImage(), this)” sizes =”( min-width: 1000px) 970px, calc (100vw- 40px )” data-normal=”” data-original-mos=”” data-pin-media=”” srcset=” 320w, 650w, 970w” > (Photo credit: Iron Gate Studios )An additional adjustment in the spot need to make you Viking landscaping companies available rather happy. The quantity of rock required to raise ground while utilizing the hoe has actually been cut in half, from 4 stone to 2 rock.

Huzzah! That ought to absolutely speed points up on your newest project.Here are the full patch notes:

  • Overload draugr spawner area fix to avoid draugrs from spawning inside stones
  • Lox pet-sfx repair
  • Torches in locations need to no longer support building and constructions
  • Dolmen location stone size fix
  • New terrain modification system
  • Terrain-modification concern changed (Terrain adjustments in an area need to fill prior to buildings, only applies to the brand-new terrain adjustment system)
  • Globe filling tweaks (to take care of concerns with ships as well as structures obtaining harmed while loading)
  • Quit server checklist download when leaving the beginning food selection (to lower network data transfer usage)
  • Reduced the amount of stone needed to Elevate ground using the hoe