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Rainbow Six Siege’s most recent defender, the 3-speed 1-armor Thunderbird, has basically whatever going for her. She’s quick, brings an aggressive payload of either effect grenades or a nitro cell, as well as is getting in the video game with one of the very best guns ever seen on defense: Finka’s Spear.308 assault rifle. And after that there’s her primary device, a bundle of autonomous recovery bots that can regularly restore 30 health and wellness to any person standing near it.That’s a great deal of helpful stuff done in one place, and a couple of hrs right into a shut sneak peek session with Thunderbird, I was starting to get nervous that she’ll be overpowered out of eviction. That might be true (her Spear rifle stands out like an aching thumb amongst the dinky SMGs that the majority of protectors are stuck to), yet I’m not encouraged her Kona healing stations will be as frustrating as they at first appear.

Like any type of good Siege gizmo, the Kona comes with a couple of risks and also counters that might make it fit pretty well in Siege’s

progressing meta.I demand healing!For circumstances

, Thunderbird’s Kona terminals don’t just recover colleagues. Any individual that tips within a few meters of a billed Kona (every one has a 35-second cooldown in between heals) obtains blasted with a little healing paintball that brings back 30 HP. That’s the same as Doc’s stim pistol and, like the launch defender, downed players can use a Kona to choose themselves back up. Thunderbird has the possible to do more recovery every round than Finka and also Doc incorporated (the Konas have no ammunition limit, just a cooldown), yet the problems need to be best for them to be useful.The success

of a Kona terminal will depend on where it’s put: You want to keep it somewhere available to your team, however not vulnerable to gunfire as well as not as well near to rooms where opponents can storm in and use it themselves. Based upon my time with Thunderbird so far, I additionally saw a propensity for protectors to accidentally utilize a Kona by getting too close, which at complete health will overheal them as much as 130 and slowly deteriorate back to 100. That behaves and all, but you’re far better off keeping your distance up until you actually require the Kona after a close scrape. The last point you want is to seriously need a recover and also locate that its cooldown has actually just started. Striking an equilibrium in between access and also utility will certainly be difficult, particularly because the Kona can just be placed on the surface area listed below you (like Mute’s jammers).

The Kona does follow some easy logic that helps it prioritize targets– if 2 people remain in its range when it comes off cooldown, it’ll stim the one with less HP. You can additionally overlap their coverage for dual the regen. That’s what took place in the clip listed below with 2 Konas, however as you can see, I had the ability to remove the anchored Thunderbird and also use her healing as an aggressor:

Going promptly from near-death at 5 HP to 65 in a single secondly was unprecedented in Siege before now. If the third bot had actually been there as well, I would’ve been almost entirely recovered. That’s pretty wild, however at the same time, that minute shows exactly how conveniently the Kona can fall under the wrong hands (me). And my fight with the Thunderbird that was camping her Konas additionally highlights that it matters not the number of healing robots have your back in Siege. One headshot is still an instakill. Thunderbird’s effect won’t resemble Overwatch, where consistent recovery can mathematically guarantee you win a battle. All health and wellness actually carries out in Siege is provide a gamer some wiggle area to take a couple of hits as well as have a battling chance.As a regular

support on protection, no one truly anticipates you to grasp a round that began with two or three wandering colleagues obtaining picked off. On an excellent day I can obtain two or 3 as they push the site, yet I typically have so little health by assaulter 4 that all they have to do is mark me anywhere and I’m dead. It’s in these situations that I can’t wait to have a Kona terminal around. A single pellet can bulk me up enough to possibly endure the next fight.A couple of remarkable Kona station facts as well as counters:

  • One bullet will certainly destroy it
  • INTELLIGENCE can see them above/below ground, and also the Kona’s restriction to floor positioning makes it extra prone
  • Thatcher’s EMP grenades briefly disable it
  • Twitch’s Shock Drone ruins it
  • Absolutely no’s camera lasers can most likely destroy it (though I didn’t attempt)

thunderbird loadout

Thunderbird’s loadout is a roamer’s dream.(Photo credit report: Ubisoft )Electrical Storm Thunderbird’s healing robots could not constantly make a difference in a round, but her outstanding package certainly can. She selects in between Caveira’s MEDSPAS shotgun or Finka’s Spear.308 assault rifle, though I can’t visualize I’ll be taking the middling shotgun usually. The Spear is a rather basic rifle on assault, however it flaunts remarkable stats versus protection’s SMG-heavy arsenal. It likewise gains from an AR’s damage variety, meaning Thunderbird can comfortably challenge opponents down long hallways or outdoors as well as deal maximum damage, though she is limited to 1X sights only.The handwear covers have actually truly come off with Siege tools lately. Protectors with dominant guns made use of to be the exception( Master’s LMG, Jager’s 4-16 C), but it progressively feels like any type of driver can have any weapon if Ubisoft assumes it’ll be fun– Aruni has her DMR, No can go with Bandit’s MP7, as well as Wamai appreciates INTELLIGENCE’s AUG. The world’s all topsy turvy, however I think I’m alright with it. Thunderbird pairs her leading gun with a 3-speed ranking and the choice of impact grenades or nitro cell. I presume she’ll be a preferred roamer due to her loadout alone. In that means, Thunderbird seems like the roamer’s option to Rook– a protector that can keep her colleagues alive by plopping down a couple of gizmos and after that ignore it.Considering the number of difficult gizmos we’ve seen in the video game lately, it is nice to have one more noob-friendly protector. Her Kona terminals could not constantly conserve my life, yet I’ll never ever complain regarding having them around.