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The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has actually been less than outstanding, yet a minimum of the neighborhood’s collaborating to prod and also poke fun in the form of numerous memes. There’s currently been a package of insect compilations, in addition to a frightening “secret” personality designer. Yet this PS1-syle demake of the video game, bugs and all, is potentially one of the greatest points to come out of the mayhem.

The video clip comes from YouTuber Anders Lundbj√∂rk, and packs several of one of the most prevalent pests right into a mayhem-riddled 50 secs. There are rubber palm trees that bend and twist towards the ground, just like the real thing. An NPC T-poses before helicoptering right into room, while another noncombatant cowers in anxiety prior to popping out of existence from a single punch.Sony has actually given that drawn Cyberpunk from its digital store, as well as is using refunds alongside Microsoft. COMPUTER players with more capable equipment haven’t had it virtually as poor, but we’ve still been encountering a great deal of odd, amusing, and also irritating bugs.CD Projekt Red has actually apologised for the game’s state on PS4 and also Xbox One as well as introduced it would be rectifying the insects throughout all platforms, or at least starting to, with spots showing up in January as well as February.

Things have actually certainly been looking grim for CD Projekt Red these past two weeks, yet the circumstance is much from unsalvageable. In spite of whatever, James is really feeling optimistic about Cyberpunk’s future.