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After what feels like an endless time, Maxis is ultimately bringing bunk beds to The Sims 4, along with some unidentified characteristic improvements.The Sims team teased bunk beds a couple of weeks ago, tweeting a not-so-subtle silhouette of the furniture. Bunk beds originally made an appearance in The Sims 3: Generations Expansion Load, and also gamers have actually been pleading for their return in The Sims 4 considering that the game’s release in 2014. There are a ton of mods as well as personalized material available that try to make bunk beds, however usually with unintended wacky computer animations or visual bugs.

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It could seem wild having people obtain worked up over something like bunk beds, but The Sims 4 has had a severe absence of family-oriented gameplay choices for many years now– toddlers weren’t also in the video game at launch and infants are actually items you can put in your globe from debug.There are likewise some cryptic “attribute enhancements “discussed in the tweet, though it does not go any type of further concerning what those can be. One prospective modification might be the removal of the ‘vegetarian’ trait, instead making diet alternatives a different selection. Characteristics have actually been watered-down enormously in The Sims 4, typically just offering little state of mind boosts or decrease, so with any luck, these modifications will provide your Sims a little bit much more character than they do right now.The free upgrade goes real-time tomorrow(March 23 )at 10 am PT/5 pm GMT.