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This year’s Wholesome Direct at E3 appears to have an extremely usual theme– pet cats as well as cosiness. Kittycat Cup Workshop’s Pekoe seems mixing those 2 completely, being a game all about running a little teahouse for felines while you make buddies with your feline customers.There’ll be over 10 different pet good friends to learn more about, with seven various teahouses to provide a fresh brew. Each character will certainly have their own sort as well as dislikes– from the method the tea is made to the mug it’s offered in. June 12, 2021 See extra It looks to be a quite in-depth tea developing sim also, as you’ll be selecting your own tea leaves by finding out when,

where and which leaves are best to pluck for the best cuppa, while finding out about the method different teas are made as you gather more recipes. All of it looks incredibly cute and extremely relaxing too– nothing cosier than a warm beverage and also a fuzzy friend.Pekoe is set to release at some point in 2022, and also you can wishlist it on Vapor right now.