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Trying to find the most recent on the Genshin Impact 1.6 update? Come on in. The existing 1.5 spot launched at the end of April, but rumblings of what rests on the horizon started well before then. While absolutely nothing is confirmed till miHoYo relays its normal upgrade teaser trailer, all reports seem to point to the Inazuma region lastly being added.With it will certainly come the typical brand-new characters, bosses, and weapons, and also perhaps a new technique of transportation. An island location comparable to Dragonspine might be in shop too, a vibrant challenge area that transforms depending on its current setting. Genshin Impact 1.6 might be the game’s most significant upgrade in a long time, if not to day. Here’s whatever we know concerning it so far.When is the Genshin Effect 1.6 launch date?Genshin Influence’s Kazuha, a straying swordsman from Inazuma with Anemo as his vision. His statistics, capabilities, and also even idle animations have currently dripped from the beta. Very little is known about just how Kazuha fits with the story, though it’s stated he harbors dark secrets deep in his soul.There’s some dispute over which personalities could be joining Kazuha 1.6’s banners. Some recommend Ayaka, another luxury character, will ultimately make it in the game after existing in beta kind for months. MiHoYo’s existing pattern of character launches make that appear not likely. The other leading rumor is the Klee banner will obtain a rerun, which makes feeling. Genshin 1.4 and 1.5 each included reruns of existing first-class personalities prior to introducing the new additions.But something appears certain: It appears like Dendro is still a means off. None of the existing reports or leaks consist of reference of plans to add Dendro characters such as Baizhu.Genshin Effect 1.6 tale: Exactly how will it progress?Genshin Effect 1.6 may be divided in 2 components. The first might present Inazuma, but in a limited method with simply a couple of islands available to explore. Inazuma is apparently a much more hostile area, one the Vacationer has to sneak right into with Beidou’s pirate staff, as well as these leaks say the full region won’t be explorable right now. Either way, anticipate at least the very first part of the Inazuma Archon mission line. 1.5 included brand-new tale quests for one of the brand-new characters, Eula. Offered a past loaded with keys, I ‘d expect to see a new set of story pursuits revolving around him.Is Genshin Impact getting boats?Boat travel is additionally reported as the 1.6 update’s major new attribute, though similar to the brand-new characters, there’s some dispute over what the feature will certainly be like.

Some reports state watercraft travel is a fixed feature where the Vacationer starts a watercraft journey as well as has no control over the watercraft. Various other records show new items as well as gadgets associated with boat

modification and repair. Perhaps Inazuma

‘s rivers have varying levels of danger you can just safely manage with boats of a certain type. I would love to see marine fights as component of the brand-new boat function, something to vary the game’s too-familiar battle. Genshin Influence has no qualms about adapting various other styles, including hangout events and realm customization. Seeing it go complete Sea of Thieves is an opportunity, particularly considering that one of the reported events centers on a marine battle. (Image credit history: miHoYo) Genshin Impact 1.6’s new tools, managers, and artifacts Far, Genshin leaker @AeEntropy found complete information for one new sword: Boreas Precocity, additionally known as the Freedom-Sworn Sword. Like the Team of Homa for Hu Tao, it’s intended as Kazuha’s perfect weapon as well as enhances the celebration’s typical, charged, and diving strike damage.There’s also some evidence of a brand-new driver and also bow that could be meant for Klee and also Fischl specifically, however absolutely nothing concrete is understood about them as yet.One dripped manager is the Maguu Kenki, a massive, sword-wielding foe that drops the Maguu Kishin needed for Kazuha’s Ascension. Existing video footage is from earlier growth builds as well as supposedly isn’t part of the beta, so it’s unidentified whether Maguu Kenki is a regular or daily boss.The brand-new Inazuma world manager, whatever it will certainly be, is said to live in an area similar

to Dragonspine. Rather than the chilly hampering your development, you’ll have to emulate transforming trend degrees impacting which areas you can access. Genshin Impact 1.6 events: What we understand Reports floating around the Wangsheng Funeral home Discord point to 2 primary

events in Genshin Impact 1.6. The very first is Ludi

Harpastum, a 15-day event in Mondstadt that has thus far only been featured in the Genshin Impact manga and also is apparently meant to accompany the renewed concentrate on Klee. The same rumors also claim a major marine battle will certainly occur in the seas outside Inazuma throughout the event.A less concrete rumor points to a manager rush-style obstacle. It jobs you with defeating Primo Geovishap and Oceanid together prior to combating both of

them once again, but with Maguu Kenki included as a third boss.Previous updates have actually consisted of several smaller events, such as the Energy Amplifier and also Hangout Occasions, and it’s likely Genshin Effect 1.6 will certainly also.